How to buy add-on?
– in the main menu at the top of the site there is a link “Buy“. Or on almost all pages there are buttons with links to the purchase.

After the purchase, I received a file with some numbers, and where is the add-on?
– Numbers is the password for downloading the add-on. Enter it under the link “Download” and if the password is correct then you download it.

How do I find out about the update? If they will.
– In order to learn about the news, register on the site. I will send letters when there is an update.

If you have any questions, where can I go?
– under the link “Feedback” or in Second Life, nickname my lehaab.

What is in the menu “Buy” Other Methods?
– Payment with the help of  “Frее-kassa” service.  Includes many payment methods.