Easy Universal Tool beta v0.9.8-1

Addon for Blender and Sansar compatible. Simplifies the binding of accessories. It also greatly facilitates the binding of bones to hair, clothing and avatars.

Version beta because the bones until you can’t move, Sansar prohibited. But the developers of Sansar promised to add this feature. Cube posting, to write off password. Then cube to remove. Not remove from the inventory.

After purchase you will receive a cube. On the cube will be a password to download the addon. The password must be saved in several places.

Download and find out about updates here – https://easy-blender.com/download-add-on/
Feedback – https://easy-blender.com/feedback/

3D man and woman with bones belong to Sansar. Everything else belongs to me and is protected by copyright. Addon is forbidden to transfer, sell to third parties

“Sansar ® is a trademark of Linden Research, Inc.”

Tutorials for Sansar

#1 Binding bones to accessories for Sansar Avatar 2.0 (addon for Blender 2.8)

#2 Binding bones to clothes for Sansar Avatar 2.0 (addon for Blender 2.8)

#3 Binding bones to avatar for Sansar Avatar 2.0 (addon for Blender 2.8)

Update for add-ons Blender 2.8 (Sansar and Second Life). Mirror Weight.

#4 Rigging shoes for Sansar (add-on for Blender 2.8)

Outdated but relevant lessons

Bind accessories

Bind bones to the avatar

Binding bones to hair

Binding bones to shorts

Binding bones to shoes

New! Update add-on for Sansar and Blender 2.8